• Eco-friendly
    Our charcoal is made from 100% natural materials with no single tree cut down to produce it.
  • Variety of Grades and Sizes
    We can make various grades and sizes of wood charcoal.
  • Longer Burning Time
    Our wood charcoal burns longer, hotter and more consistently in high temperatures.
  • Chemicals & Smells Free
    No chemicals are used in the production process and no smells when burning.
  • Less Ash
    When the wood charcoal is burned, they leave less ash residue.
  • Reusable
    You can use the leftover wood charcoal for the next time.
  • Flexible Packaging
    We can deliver in full printing packaging standard with plastic bag and master bag.
  • Wholesale Packaging
    We can provide with our own label, buyer customized label and bulk orders packaging.

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